Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

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“I came here because my tattoo just wasn’t fading.  The difference after one treatment at Radiant Living was amazing – I could tell straight away that the Laser was so much better, and more effective.  My tattoo has virtually gone, in 7 sessions.”  Peter, 32 – from Standish

“I hated my flower tattoo, it had a few colours which I thought would be a problem – but it wasn’t as Radiant Living were able to get rid of it. Now you can hardly tell I’ve ever had a tattoo!”  Sandra, 49 – from Wigan 

Looking for the best laser tattoo removal or fading, at reasonable prices? Here at Radiant Living we know how to do it!  Whether you have a professional or amateur tattoo, black or multi-coloured, we have world class technology to remove it.

We’ve just won ‘UK Aesthetic Salon of the Year 2020″ for our outstanding results in Tattoo removal and other laser treatments.

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We use the most advanced active Q-switched medical grade laser (not a passive laser as used by many tattoo studios.).  This means that the pulses of light are stronger and break down the ink in your tattoo more effectively. Your body’s immune system then removes the particles, gradually fading the tattoo after each session.


The laser is flashed over your tattoo – which can take anything from seconds (for a small tattoo) to 15-30 minutes (for large tattoos / sleeves).  This has an immediate effect – where your tattoo can look white for around 15-30 minutes.  This is a good sign as it means the laser has broken down some of the ink particles.  Your body’s immune system then gets to work and removes the broken down particles.

We will take a photo before your treatments start, so we can see the fading each time. You will see gradually fading of your tattoo around 4-6 weeks after the first session.  You will return for another laser session (6 weeks later) to break down more ink.



Yes we can treat your tattoo no matter what colour it is. Whether it is black, red, blue, green, yellow, pink or orange. The reason we can remove all colours is because we have 2 technologies which in combination can remove all pigments.



You will receive the best treatment and the fewest sessions possible.  That’s because we use the most advanced active Q-switched Medical Lasers (not a passive laser as used by many tattoo studios.) This means that the pulses of light are stronger and break down the ink in your tattoo more effectively. So you’ll end up with fewer treatments overall.



Tattoo removal can take anything from 5 sessions upwards. This really depends on many different factors, including the location of the tattoo, the type and density of ink, and your immune system. We will be able to give you some advice during a free consultation, when we will assess your tattoo.  If you just want your tattoo faded, for another tattoo, this will take much fewer sessions.



The feeling of the laser shattering the ink is not nice- however we can reduce the discomfort.  You can use our Cryo cooling system for your comfort (which you will not find at most other clinics) This blows out air at minus 20 degrees, and numbs the area.

Plus you can also apply numbing cream before you come, ideally 30-60 minutes before your appointment.  Our laser system is super fast, so your treatment will be over and done with quickly.



Immediately after the first few treatments you will feel a tingling sunburn sensation, and your skin will be pink around the area for the day.  As your tattoo fades and we use higher energies to target the ink, you may get some bleeding, blistering and crusting.

Most clients carry on with their day as usual.  However you must be careful not to pick any blisters, and you must avoid heat for 24 hours, and let the skin cool down. You must also not expose your tattoo to the sun for 4 weeks after treatment, or if you are out you can use a high sun factor to protect your skin.


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Amateur Tattoo Price: from £45

Professional Tattoo Price: from £50

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