Cellulite & Skin Tightening

Cellutrix Mesotherapy

Cellutrix is a new treatment to reduce the dimpling effects of cellulite.  This mesotherapy product is injected into the skin with equal spacing wherever cellulite appears. It contains two lipolysis (fat dissolving) factors to ensure the reduction of fat deposits, and it also improves microcirculation which has a smoothing effect.

This procedure can be carried out  wherever cellulite needs to be treated quickly and reliably. A course of at least 3 treatments is recommended spaced 4 weeks apart.

Price: £190 per session | Course of 3: £480 (saving £90)

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Tripollar Radiofrequency

Whether you’re concerned by loose sagging skin or stretch marks after childbirth or weight loss, tripollar treatments offer the most advanced solution re-tighten your skin and smooth the texture.

This clinically proven procedure heats deep within the skin leading to an increase in collagen, which visibly smooths and tightens the surface.
Price: from £75

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