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Thread veins before and after

Renew your Skin

Want to renew your skin? Clear those red veins or blemishes?

Mid winter is the perfect time to start. Our laser treatments can banish a vein or blemish, sometimes in just 1 session. But you may need more! So we’re giving you a great offer to get your started.

  • We’ll do your first treatment on any single blemish or vein for just £55 (instead of £75)
  • If you have more than just one blemish – and need a larger patch treating, you can either opt for just one blemish to start with, or we’ll give you a £25 credit to a larger treatment. eg. cheeks and nose (usually £120 minus £25 credit) = you pay £95

Call 01257 463464 to book your free consultation or email us here.

Lifting and firming facial

Brighten, Lift & Firm Facial

Using our best anti-ageing technologies we will tailor this facial for you…

It will include..
  • A brightening treatment – either Skin Peel, Microdermabrasion or Booster. (usual price £42-£52)
  • A lifting treatment – either NEW Radiofrequency with vacuum, or Icon Ultra Lift (Gym for your skin). (usual price £39-£75)
  • A firming mask – again tailored to your skin type. (£15)

Total Price: Just £89 | 55 mins

Call reception now on 01257 463464 to book.  

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