Your Summer Offers

Firming Ice Globe Facial

New July Offer – the Firming Ice Globe Facial is the perfect summer treatment for your skin.

Good for anyone who wants to start or maintain anti-ageing facials. You will have the option of:

  • Tripollar Radiofrequency (a gentle heating up treatment which increases collagen production)
  • Or Nano Tip Radiofrequency (a more advanced delivery of radiofrequency for someone who needs more powerful results)
  • Followed by a collagen mask, with a cooling Ice Globe Facial Massage

Then we’ll finish your treatment with a targeted serum and moisturiser.

You can either choose;

  • Half Face Radiofrequency Facial – £99
  • Full Face Radiofrequency Facial – £129
  • Or Full Face Nano Tip Radiofrequency Facial – £150 (saving £100)

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Intimate Bikini Waxing RL

Summer Wax Offer

Get silky smooth with this Summer Wax Offer.

Save when you package together 2 or 3 areas of waxing.

Simply choose a bikini wax from the list then add on your 2nd area of waxing. You can also opt for a 3rd area if you wish. Choose from:

  • Hollywood (all hair removed) £43
  • Brazilian (strip of hair left) £43
  • Extended Bikini (high sides and across the top removed) £26
  • Hollywood Maintenance (Choose this if you’ve had Hollywood wax HERE within 6 weeks) £38
  • Brazilian Maintenance (Choose this if you’ve had Brazilian wax HERE within 6 weeks) £38

Then choose 1 or 2 more areas of waxing – with up to £14 off 2 areas, and up to £19 off 3 areas.
Choose other areas from:

  • Half Leg – £10 extra (saving £14)
  • Full Leg – £20 extra (saving £14)
  • Underarm – £10 extra (saving £5)
  • Lip & Chin – £10 extra (saving £5)

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NEW Summer Body Fat Freeze

Take advantage of this fantastic Summer Body Offer, where we are giving you 2 of our best contouring and fat reduction treatments with a big saving!

The rule of thumb is – if you can squeeze it, and get a handful, we can freeze it! Choose either;

  • 1 area (eg tummy) – £250
  • 2 areas (eg love handles or upper and lower tummy) £350
  • or 3 areas (eg. love handles and tummy). £450
  • Then receive 4 x EvoSculpt treatments for just £90. (1 x EvoSculpt is usually £120)

Evosculpt delivers the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups in just 30 mins. This treatment builds and defines muscle while burning extra fat cells, making it the perfect accompaniment to Fat freeze.

The package will include:

  • Fat Freeze treatment, followed by 1 x Evosculpt session on the same day. (Approx 1hr 30 mins)
  • Your 2nd EvoSculpt should be 3-7 days later
  • Your 3rd EvoSculpt 3-7 days later
  • Your 4the EvoSculpt 3-7 days later

The results of your treatments will be fully visible around 6-8 weeks after your fat freeze. So don’t delay, start today.

Start by booking your Body Consultation here. Or if you’ve had the consultation you can book your first treatment here.

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Fat Dissolve Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections - 50% OFF

Take advantage of this 50% OFF Summer Offer – where we’ll target a pocket of fat using LipoLab fat dissolving injections.

The solution is injected in small amounts, to actively melt away fatty deposits. The injections break down fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated from your body.

We can precisely target ‘hand sized’ areas of fat on your body or face, including;

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Back

For best results, expect to need approximately 4 sessions, each spaced 2 weeks apart. If you have larger areas of fat to remove (bigger than a hand size) then we will recommend an alternative treatment.

Body area eg stomach – usually £250 per session, NOW £125
Face area eg. double chin – usually £150 per session, NOW £75

Book your Fat Dissolving Consultation Online now – or call 01257 463464

Time to Pause Wellbeing Gift

Time to Pause with ESPA Gift

Time to Pause, is our new ESPA wellbeing offer. We all need time to pause and reset. With this treatment you can tailor your own package to suit your needs.

You’ll receive a complimentary ESPA wellbeing gift worth £65 when you choose 3 ‘Time to Pause’ wellbeing treatments, each for 25 mins.

Choose from:

  • ESPA Back Massage
  • ESPA Leg & Foot Massage
  • ESPA Peppermint Body Polish
  • Full Body Brush plus ESPA Tri-Serum
  • ESPA Head & Scalp Massage
  • ESPA Mini Facial (only available when you book 3 treatments)

This menopause friendly Complimentary ESPA Gift Bag includes some anti-ageing best selling skincare;

Tri-active Regenerating Moisture Complex | Tri-active Lift and Firm Intensive Treatment
Isotonic Hydration Mask 30ml | Fitness Shower Gel 30ml

If you’d prefer to have 2 treatments only – you won’t receive the complimentary gift. (ESPA mini facial only available when booking 3 treatments)

Time to Pause 3 treatments: £96 (with Complimentary Gift worth £65)
Time to Pause 2 treatments: £64

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