Welcome back to Radiant Living – here are your latest Offers!

Luxury Pedicure Upgrade

You don’t need to be going anywhere to have beautiful feet!

  • Book a luxury Pedicure (£45) and we’ll give you a free upgrade.
  • Instead of varnish – we’ll upgrade your to Gel toenails.. instantly dry and smudge free.
  • Plus receive a £5 credit to any nails, manicure or massage service on the same day!

Book your Luxury Pedicure upgrade offer here.  It’s available until end August.

Or you can purchase this Pedi Offer as a voucher here. (Limited number available to purchase til end of August. Voucher then valid for 12 months)

Or if you’d prefer to book over the phone – just call reception on 01257 463464.

Massage Ritual

Massage & Dermalux LED Package

Facial treatments are still on hold… but this clever package can still give you a facial boost as well as a relaxing massage. That’s because Dermalux LED therapy is a no-contact treatment for your face, which is proven to rejuvenate your skin. This package includes:

  • 30 mins ESPA Tension back, neck and shoulder massage. (usually £38)
  • 30 mins Dermalux LED phototherapy treatment – tailored to your skin. (usually £30)
  • Package Price: £49 (saving £19)

Book this package online here.

Or if you prefer to call – phone reception on 01257 463464 during opening hours.

3D Lipo Fat Freeze on Tummy

3D Lipo Fat Freeze - up to £100 OFF

Are you suffering a bit of ‘lockdown bulge?’ I think we all are!

Fat freeze can reduce a pocket of fat by between 2-40% without the need for exercise.

We have some new 3D Lipo fat freeze offers launching this week. 

Come and see us for a free body consultation and we’ll go through all the offers.

Call 01257 463464 or Book your free consultation online here.

Dermalux LED Photofacial

DERMALUX LED Course - Save £50

Dermalux Phototherapy is proven to rejuvenate your skin, with specific wavelengths of light.

We will tailor the light just for you. You can book this hands free 30 mins treatment right now.

  • August Offer – Book a course of 5 for £100 (saving £50)
  • Or book a single session of Dermalux – £30

LED RED LIGHT – energises skin cells to speed up renewal and build collagen and elastin for smoother firmer skin.

LED BLUE LIGHT – targets oil glands and kills the bacteria which causes Acne.

LED NEAR INFRARED LIGHT – calms redness and irritation, is proven to increase blood flow to help heal sore, broken skin and speed up wound healing.

To book your first session call reception now on 01257 463464. Offer ends 31st August 2020.

Or book online here.

3 in 1 Body Package

3 in 1 Detox Package

Lose inches instantly with this great detox package… you’re getting 3 fabulous treatments in 1!

  • PPC Body Inch Loss Wrap – targeting tummy and thighs
  • Body Ballancer Compression Therapy treatment – to flush out fluid retention
  • Dermalux LED – phototherapy skin rejuvenation treatment while you are wrapped up.

This package is just £89

(Individual prices for these treatments are: PPC Wrap £62, Body Ballancer £48, Dermalux LED £30)

Call 01257 463464 to book now, or book online here.