ESPA Facials

Personalised Facial

ESPA Facials – Let our experienced therapists assess your individual needs and tailor your treatment to bring the best out of your skin.  We will choose from…

Skin Hydrator – For dehydrated skin leaving it supple and nourished.
Skin Radiance –To refresh tired skin for a brighter and naturally radiant appearance.
Skin De-Sensitiser – Super calming for red irritated skin.
Skin Purifying – Ideal for oily, congested and problematic skin.

Price: £59| Time: 55 mins

ESPA Pro Spa Facial

Need a super deep cleansing facial? Plus extra nourishment? This is for you.  A Clarisonic Brush cleanse will buff away the debris, and ESPA’s Pro Optimal range, enriched with natural ingredients will brighten smooth and moisturise.

Price: £64 Time: 55 mins

ESPA Age Defyer Facial

Once you reach your 30s it’s time to step it up a bit.  In the ESPA Age Defyer Facial we use the lift and firm range, to give your skin an extra kickstart.

Price: £64 Time: 55 mins

ESPA Lifestage Facial

Using the latest micro-encapsulation technology, the Lifestage products used in this facial are clinically proven to release their potent ingredients over time.  Lifestage range is therefore perfect for your 40s upwards, and is proven to feed the skin from the basal layer.

Price: £69 Time: 55 mins

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