Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions


Classic individually applied eyelash extensions will make your own lashes appear fuller and longer. They look and feel natural.  If you want long term eyelash extensions, these are for you.  You just need to maintain them by booking a lash maintenance every few weeks to keep them topped up.


These are applied in the same way as classic lashes, but there is a big difference in the finished result.  If you want a lot more lashes which are very fine and fluttery, Russian Volume is the perfect choice.  The reason you get a lot more volume is that each lash strand actually contains 4 or 5 very fine lashes (which is how you get the name 4D, 5D etc), instead of a single false lash in the case of the classic version.  These should be maintained with regular maintenance appointment.


Express Individual Lashes look just as fabulous and use the same lashes and the same glue.. however they are applied using a quicker technique.  They cannot be infilled and should be removed after 2 weeks.

Classic Individual Hand made Russian
Full Set £75 £85
Half Set £58 £65
Maintenance 40 mins £38 £45
Express Lashes £45 £50
Removal of our Lashes  £15  £15
Removal of other Salon Lashes  £30  £30

Lash Bomb Lash Lift

If you want to enhance your own natural eyelashes, and don’t like the idea of a false lash extension.. then Lash Bomb, Lash Lift is for you!

This length, volume and lifting treatment for your own lashes, lasts approximately 6 weeks. It also includes a complementary lash tint. Please book a patch test for this treatment.

Lash Bomb – Lash Lift: Price £59

Extra Lash Services

Are you looking for a quicker alternative to enhance your lashes.  A lash tint will cut out the need for mascara, and is therefore perfect for your holiday!

If you’d like to complement your lashes with beautiful brows, then head over to our Brow services here.

Lash Tint £20
Lash & Brow Tint £29
Weekend/Party Lashes £26
nouveau eyelash extensions
LVL Lash Lift

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