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Body, Back & Head Massage

Our Massages use a blend of individually chosen ESPA oils. A personal consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs. Add hot basalt stones for that extra special touch, when the therapist will combine hands on massage with hot stones. In all massage there’s a range of essential oil blends which we will tailor to your needs. These include;

Detoxifier : De-stresser : Fitness muscle warmer : Immune Booster : Energiser : Wellbeing

Full Body & Head £62 | Time: 80 mins
Full Body £49 | Time: 55 mins
Essential Tension Back £30 | Time: 30 mins
Hot Stones Full Body £62 | Time: 70 mins
Hot Stones Back £42 | Time: 40 mins
Head Massage £30 | Time: 30 mins
full body massage

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If you’re looking for maternity massage, we have a range of massage just for those of you with a bump!  Go to our Maternity Massage Page here.