EvoSculpt Body Sculpting

EvoSculpt Muscle Toning & Fat Burning

“I can really see the difference on my tummy after 4 treatments of Evosculpt… it feels like I’ve been to the gym, and it looks like I’ve been to the gym!” Julie 52 years old.

Want to tone up your muscles and burn fat without any exercise? EvoSculpt body sculpting is a groundbreaking treatment which uses HIFEM muscle stimulation, to work your muscles for you.

You’ll be receiving the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups or squats in just half an hour.  

We can also combine this treatment with 3D Lipo Fat melting – to reduce more fat as well as firm up that tummy or anywhere else for that matter!

  • No pain
  • 30 min treatments
  • Course of 4-8 sessions recommended
  • Suitable for tummy, things, bottom, love handles, upper arms
  • Can be combined with Cavitation fat melting to reduce more fat.
Evosculpt 30 mins treatment £120
Course of 4 £320
Evosculpt + 3D Lipo 60 mins treatment £180
Course of 4 £520

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