Removal Of Leg Veins

Laser for Leg Veins

Are you conscious about your leg veins?  Perhaps you only choose clothes which cover those areas?  Well our leg vein laser treatment can get you back into your skirts and shorts.

We have a choice of 2 Lasers and an IPL, and can therefore target red and purple veins and blemishes of all types, safely and successfully.  Veins on the legs can spring up for all kinds of reasons.  This includes pregnancy, long periods on your feet, a bang in the area or just genetics.  If you have an underlying problem such as a bulging varicose vein you will need to get this treated first.  We would recommend seeing your GP for varicose veins.

If you have patches of red/purple leg veins, please come and see us and we will give you our honest, expert advice.  If we think you are suitable you would then require a test patch before a treatment.  Leg veins often require between 3-6 sessions.  However individual cases vary and can sometimes take less or more, depending on the severity.

Our technicians and medical grade lasers are accredited by the British Manufacturer, award winning Lynton Lasers in conjunction with Manchester University.

Price: from £75 for a cluster of leg veins

Please book a free consultation for any laser treatment, when we will be able to give advice and carry out a test patch. Call 01257 463464 now to book your confidential consultation.

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