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Oxyjet No-Needle Facials

Oxygen Facial – The great celebrity secret… with no needles, no pain and no downtime. Oxyjet is the world’s most effective oxygen system, for a scientifically proven alternative to cosmetic injections. These treatments effectively smooth blemishes, plump out lines and lift and firm skin for visible results.

OXYJET DELUXE: The ultimate celebrity oxygen facial which volumises and plumps the skin.  It softens lines and wrinkles, intensively tones, tightens and targets all areas of the eyes, face and neck.

Price: £120 | Time: 85 mins

INTACT VOLUME FACIAL: To deeply cleanse, plump out, brighten skin, and soften lines all over the face and neck. Cosmetic formulations are ‘jetted’ in to the epidermis to boost collagen.

Price: £95 | Time: 70 mins

ENERGISING FACIAL: For firmer, brighter skin, with a targeted anti-wrinkle eye or lip zone boost. Also includes microdermabrasion, soothing oxygen spray and collagen mask.

Price: £65 | Time: 55mins

Oxygen Facial

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