Saggy Neck Treatments

Neck Treatments

Is your neck starting to show your age? Are you wondering what to do about it?

We can offer you a range of neck treatments to restore firmer, smoother, younger looking skin.

Plasma Neck Lift

We can dramatically improve your neck area using Plasma Revive.  This involves creating tiny dots all over the skin – usually we carry out the treatment at the back of the neck – to tighten the front.  This is a semi-invasive procedure with downtime and is not for everyone! Here’s a summary:

  • Neck treatment takes 1 hour.
  • 3 x treatments recommended for best results.
  • Sessions spaced 6 weeks apart.
  • Downtime 7-10 days
  • Results last for around 3 years.
  • Price approx £500 for 1 treatment (or £950 for 3)

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HIFU Neck Lift Treatment

Hifu Neck Lift

If you are looking for something non invasive to improve your neck – then HIFU could be the treatment for you.

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, and can be used on the neck, as well as the face. It targets deep within the skin (leaving the surface of the skin intact) and creates a tightening and lifting from deep inside.

  • Treatment takes 30-40 mins
  • Virtually no downtime (skin will look pink for the day)
  • Only 1 treatment required
  • Lasts 9-12 months
  • Non-invasive
  • Uses intense ultrasound waves
  • Can be combined with other neck treatments
  • Price: £395

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Skin Boosters

Saggy Neck Treatment

Skin Boosters can make an instant improvement to the appearance of your neck, and can also be combined with other neck treatments.

They involve a series of tiny injections all over the neck area, where the skin is sagging.

This hugely increases hydration and kick starts a chain reaction of events which makes the skin produce more collagen and elastin. Overall the effect is smoother firmer skin.

  • Treatment takes 30 mins.
  • Little downtime.
  • 2-3 treatments required (spaced 2-4 weeks apart)
  • Lasts 6 months.
  • Involves injections of stabilised hyaluronic acid (such as Profhilo or Jalupro)
  • Can be combined with other neck treatments.
  • Price: £450-£495

Want to know more skin boosters for your neck?  Contact us for your free consultation on 01257 463464 or fill in the form at the bottom.

Plasma Revive Neck Lift £500 for 1 | £950 for 3
HIFU Neck Lift £395 (only 1 session required)
Profhilo or Jalupro Neck Treatment £450-495 (total for 2-3 sessions)
HIFU & Profhilo Neck Package £650