Fungal Nail Treatment

Laser for Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail treatment using medical laser is a proven way to kill fungal infection.

Even if you’ve suffered for more than 20 years from this unsightly condition, don’t worry we can help.  It’s most common in toenails but can also appear on finger nails.  The treatments are spaced 2-4 weeks apart, and it is common to require 4-6 sessions.

However you will also need to follow some good practices besides having this treatment.  This includes washing your socks at a high temperature, spraying all your footwear with an anti-fungal product, and making sure you dry your feet well.  When your come for a free consultation we will provide you with a guide sheet to remind you of how to best tackle fungal nail infection.  To find out more please call reception on 01257 463464

Price: from £65

Please book a free consultation for any laser treatment, when we will be able to give advice and carry out a test patch.

fungal nail treatment

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