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Looking for beautiful nails but not sure what to choose? Don’t worry, just call reception or pop in and we can advise.

OPI Gel Nails

which nail treatment is best

You don’t need to worry about smudging or chipping, as gel nails look like polish but dry instantly.  You can expect a flawless finish, lasting up to 2 weeks. We have more than 150 colours to choose from, plus glitters, gem stones & foil.

See Prices at the bottom of the page. Please note new Gel removal prices.

For more information on Pedicures please go to Spa Pedicures.

Polydip & BIAB (Builder in a Bottle)

which nail treatment is best

NSI Polydip & BIAB are nails systems to coat your nails and give them extra strength. They are perfect if you find your nails bending and breaking, and you struggle to keep gel on.

Once applied your nails will look healthy and strong and will be finished with OPI Gel colour.

See Prices at the bottom of the page.

Acrylic Nails

NSI Acrylic Nails with Gel

Using the NSI Acrylic Nails system, we offer both sculptured Acrylics and tips.

You can choose a variety of shapes including square, coffin or stiletto, plus a huge range of finishes.  Either keep your nails natural or go for several colours of gel, magpie glitter, chrome, and other special effects.

Please note that from Jan 2020 there will be an extra charge to remove Acrylic applied elsewhere. If the Acrylic is difficult to remove then the charge may be higher than listed.

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Gel Nails & Manicures
Gel Nails – Fingers or Toes £30
Soak off our Gel (before new set) £5
Soak off other Salon Gel (before new set) £10
OPI Spa Manicure with Gel £46
OPI Spa Manicure with Polish £39
Essential Manicure with Gel £38
Essential Manicure with Polish £30
File and Polish £19
French Polish (add on to other manicure) £5
Little Ladies (File & Polish, glitter) £14
Little Ladies plus Gel Top Coat £19
Soak off our Gel, tidy & strengthen £20
Soak off other Gel, tidy & strength £25
*Master Nail Tech price is higher for some services
Polydip & BIAB (Builder in a Bottle)
BIAB Nails – with Gel £39
BIAB redo – buff down & new set with gel £42
Soak off our BIAB before different Nail service £12
Soak off our BIAB, tidy & strengthen £22
Soak off another salon’s hard gel / BIAB £25
*Master Nail Tech price is higher than general price
Extras (to any type of nails)
Statement Glitter eg Ring Fingers Free
Full Glitter to all Nails £3
Partial Glitter to all Nails £3
Single Diamanté eg to Ring Fingers £2
Multiple Diamanté Design From £3
Nail Art 10mins / 20mins £8/£15
Acrylic Nails
Acrylics – with Gel £46
Acrylics – with Polish £40
Acrylics – extra length/time £55
Acrylic Infill – with Gel £39
Acrylic Infill – with Polish £38
Acrylic Infill – extra length/time £45
Soak off our Acrylic £20
Soak off other Salon Acrylic £35
Soak off our Acrylic before new set £15
Soak off other Acrylic before new set £20
*Master Nail Tech price is higher than general price