OPI Gel Nails

OPI Gel Nails

No need to worry about smudging or chipping, gel colour looks like polish but dries instantly with a flawless finish, lasting 2 weeks. Includes cuticle work, nails filed and gel colour applied. Choose from French, a range of colours or glitter finish. Free soak off before gels are applied again.

Price: £25 | Time: 30 mins

OPI Gel Manicure

A luxurious manicure, using OPI Avoplex soak to soften hands, scrub, hand massage followed by cuticle treatment and gel colour applied to finish.

Price: £35 | Time: 45 mins

OPI Gel Pedicure

An OPI Essential Pedicure, including soak, scrub, hard skin removal, moisturiser, cuticle treatment, toe nails clipped and shaped and gel colour applied to finish.

Price: £39 | Time: 55 mins


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