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“I’d always suffered from red face veins, until I found Radiant Living! My cheeks always looked red and flushed, and so I went to get laser treatments to sort it out. The improvement after 2 treatments was huge. I had 3 treatments in total on my face and my skin looks clearer and younger. The first sign of any more redness and I’ll be straight back.”  

Roy, 69 

Do you suffer from red face veins?  Or perhaps one of the many conditions associated with redness, such as spider veins (thread veins), Rosacea, or Campbell de Morgan spots.  The good news is that most red face veins are straight forward to treat with laser, and can reduce or disappear in 1-4 sessions.

Our laser technicians are experts with years and years of experience.  Trained and certified by British Manufacturer, award winning Lynton Lasers in conjunction with Manchester University.

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Red Vein Treatment: From £75

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The Laser or IPL light is flashed into the skin, where the redness appears. This causes the blood ‘pooled’ near the surface to heat up and coagulate. This means the vein / blood particles are broken down into smaller particles, which the body is then able to ‘mop up’ and remove.  Although the heating up and breaking down process happens instantly, it can take approximately 3 weeks for the body to remove the particles. This is why the full improvement takes weeks to see.


If you have a single red vein such as as Spider Naevus or a Campbell de Morgan spot, then you may only need a single session to remove it. However if you have a cluster of veins or a condition such as Rosacea, then you may need 3 – 5 sessions. These are best carried out spaced 3-4 weeks apart. We will be able to give you a reasonably accurate estimate during a free consultation.


The laser systems produce a flash of light, which is converted to heat, so you feel heat like a hot pin prick, when the treatment is carried out.  So although it is not painless, it is certainly not unbearable!  We also have the added benefit of using a ‘Cryo cooler’ which cools and soothes the skin while the treatment is carried out, taking away the heat at the same time.  You will be able to feel the sensation during a test patch, which is carried out during a consultation if you are suitable.


Besides 13 years experience, we have a choice of 3 systems (2 Lasers and an IPL) and can therefore choose the best technology for your particular concern.  It may be obvious, but 1 laser can’t get rid of all types of redness or veins!

Since we have such great technology we can also treat deeper veins – like those on the legs.  Also veins around the nose, particularly in men, often sit more deeply in the skin and require a different laser from the cheeks.  ‘Venous Lake’ is a vein which appears in the lip – we can treat that too!

If you are thinking of starting laser treatments, you really want to choose someone who has experience and certified laser systems. We promise you won’t find that combination better anywhere else!.

Laser Prices

Single Vein – £75
Nose Veins – £95
Cluster of Veins – £95
Apple of Cheeks – £100
Cheeks and Nose – £120
Half Face – £140
Full Face – £190

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Single Vein £75
Cluster of Veins £95
Nose Veins £95
Cheeks £100