Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal

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We are the number one clinic offering Laser hair removal for Men in Lancashire, and we’ve lasered thousands of people during the past 16 years.

Are you fed up with your hairy back or chest? Embarassed to take your top off, and sick of the itching? Laser hair removal for Men is the answer!  After your laser treatments there’ll be no more shaving, no more hair removal creams, and no more waxing needed.  You’ll see the improvement in just 1-2 sessions, and you’ll get hair free for good in just 6 sessions.

Laser Hair Removal

Now before you start worrying about it being only for women, we can tell you that men walk through our door every single day.  Whether that’s for laser, waxing, massage, a hair cut or to buy a gift, you really don’t need to feel like you’re the only one.  Plus no-one will ever know you’re having laser… as it’s completely confidential and discreet.

We’re based in the village of Parbold, just off the M6 between Wigan and Ormskirk in West Lancashire.  We’re easy to find and have free parking. Click here for a map.

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Laser Hair Removal for Men

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