Face Jowls

Face Jowls

Are you getting concerned about face jowls, and a sagging jawline? Want to start firming up your skin without anything too invasive?

We have several treatments which can visibly improve this exact area! Including HIFU, DuaLift RF Microneedling (Morpheus8), Profhilo and other treatments.

Contact us and we’ll book you a skin consultation to discuss your options. Call 01257 463464 or fill in the ‘Appointment request’ at the bottom of the page. You’ll pay a £25 booking fee to secure, which is redeemable against any treatment or product.

Face Jowls

HIFU Lower Face Lift

HIFU is the ultimate non invasive treatment. If you want to improve your face jowls with virtually no side effects, then HIFU face lift is a great choice.

It works by sending intense ultrasound waves into the skin, and causing a very deep layer to shrink, tighten and lift. The surface of the skin remains untouched by this procedure. (You may look a little pink afterwards, similar to a facial)

HIFU lower face & jowl lift £550
HIFU plus Profhilo – £200 OFF £790

HIFU can be combined with Profhilo skin booster. As a package we offer you £200 discount when combined together.

Lower Face Rejuvenation

Lower face rejuvenation using fillers is a more invasive procedure than HIFU, but it’s instantly effective.  When we age we lose volume in our cheeks, we lose collagen in our skin and our bone density also reduces. This means that the skin starts sagging, and we get jowls.

To combat these problems, we can restore the volume in places where it’s lost.  This improves the structure of the face, to lift and reduce jowls. We use dermal filler in key areas of the face, up to approx 5 mls (just a teaspoon spread over key areas!).  Your face will not look ‘filled’ just subtly more youthful with reduced jowls.

Lower Face Rejuvenation (filler) £595
Lower Face Rejuvenation plus HIFU – £200 OFF £890
Lower Face Rejuvenation plus Jalupro – £100 OFF £945

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