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Laser for brown spots face, body & hands

“I had laser on a pigmentation patch on my face, and I’m made up with the result. I had 1 laser treatment, and the mark has gone. Extremely professional, excellent service, highly recommend. I was also given advice by Rachael to prevent further patches appearing. Five stars.”

Mark, 45

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Fed up with unsightly blemishes and pigmentation on your face, hands or body? Don’t worry our laser treatments are safe, effective and will transform your skin, taking years off you!

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Sun spots or age spots on the face and hands are commonly caused by years of exposure to the sun.  We have a choice of laser systems and more than 15 years experience treating all kinds of blemishes, and will choose the most effective laser to treat your concern.

We are a Lynton approved clinic, and maintain standards set out by CQC. Rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Areas & Prices

Single pigment mark: £90
Small cluster of blemishes: £110

Clusters on cheeks: £140
Cheeks & Nose: £155
Half Face (Cheeks, Nose, Chin): £170
Full Face: £220
Full Face & Neck: £260

Neck Only: £180
Neck & Decollete: £260
Full Face, Neck & Décolleté: £360

Backs of both hands: £150

Prices are per session.
Photos show before and after 2 x treatments. Some blemishes can be removed in a single session although this is not guaranteed. Some pigmentation and blemishes require 3 or more sessions. Discounted prices are available for a course of 3 sessions.

Your Questions Answered


Your laser technician will flash the light into the skin where the pigmentation or brown spot appears.  This causes the pigment to heat up and crust.  The pigment will start to go darker over the next few hours (up to 24 hours).  A very light micro-crust forms on the surface of the skin.  This can look like tiny speckles of mud, or like the whole patch has gone very dark, and is a good sign.  The pigment will then flake off over the next 3-10 days, leaving the area considerably improved and lighter than before.

Any pigmentation that is still visible can then be treated again, approximately 4 weeks later.  However the lighter the patch that is left, the harder it is to remove.  The good news is that because we have more than 1 laser device, we can switch to a different laser to go deeper into the skin on the 2nd or 3rd treatment where necessary.


You will see an improvement between 1 to 3 weeks after the treatment. The tiny crusts of pigment which flake off are sometimes so small that you will not notice them flaking away.  

We take photos before treatments, so that we are able to compare the difference weeks later, and to be sure of an improvement.  After laser the pigment or blemish will be improved and lighter than before, however it is very difficult to tell you exactly how much lighter.  Some blemishes will virtually disappear in one treatment whereas others will require 3 or more.


The sensation is like an elastic band being twanged at the skin, or a hot pin prick.  It is a very short lived feeling – and is unpleasant for a split second – but then it disappears.  This sensation is combated by the use of a Cryo cooler, which is a machine we have invested in to cool and calm the skin during and after laser treatments.  The Cryo is an excellent tool to make the treatment comfortable, and is more effective and suitable than ice packs which are more commonplace in other clinics.


Immediately after laser your skin can look pink and slightly swollen.  Your skin can feel slightly tingly, a little like sunburn, but this often goes down within hours.  Most clients go straight back to work the next day.  

You also need to bear in mind that the areas of pigment will go considerably darker, sometimes even black.  This can be covered by good make-up, but you probably won’t want to be attending an event or special occasion just after this treatment, until the pigment flakes off.


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