get rid of milia on eyelids

How to get rid of Milia on Eyelids

Do you suffer from milia around your eyes? It’s a tricky place to treat. At my clinic we remove all kinds of blemishes and growths, and one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘how do you get rid of milia on eyelids?’

Well they really don’t go by themselves, and it’s almost impossible to draw milia out by yourself. But one of the best ways of removing them in this delicate area is with Plasma pen treatment.

How does Plasma Pen work to get rid of Milia on Eyelids

Plasma treatment is a relatively new technology which can be used to get rid of many growths including milia, skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia and other things. Plus Plasma is safe to use on eyelids.

Plasma emits an energy which comes out of the tip of the pen in an invisible electrical arc. When the energy hits the skin, it causes the target to ‘ablate’ which means it removes a tiny amount of skin. Basically it vaporises the surface… and turns it from a solid, straight into gas.

This frees the milia and allows it to pop out!

What happens in the treatment?

We first prepare the skin and clean it. Then we put a new needle in the the top of the Plasma Pen. Our device is called Plasma Revive, but there are many other brands which do the same thing, such as Plasma Blast, Plasma IQ, Plasma Fibroblast, Accor, and Plasma Jett.

You will feel a hot spot, as the energy is directed over the top of the milia. It’s an on and off sensation, and takes just seconds.

The milia will then pop out. Some milia are deeper and more stubborn than others – and may take longer to treat. We may use a cotton bud to tease the milia out, although it depends on the location.

Get rid of milia on eyelids

What does it look like afterwards?

You will probably get a small black crust in the area where the milia has come out. This tiny crust is like a scab, which should be left alone and will just drop off usually in 3-6 days.

After the scab has dropped off, you should apply sunscreen on the area for 4 weeks, as the skin is new here. You will probably forget you ever had a blemish or milia. there.

If the milia or blemish you’ve had removed is quite large then you may notice that ‘new skin’ is slightly pinker in appearance. However it will just blend in with the rest of your skin after a few weeks.

You can see the scab in the picture below. This shows before and immediately after removing a skin tag under this client’s eye. A milia is usually much smaller than a skin tag and so the scab is less noticeable.

Skin tag removal

As you can see, we can successfully remove milia from the trickiest of places. So you don’t need to suffer with these annoying little spots on your face or eyelids anymore!

If you have any questions – then please feel free to contact me at rach@radiantliving.co.uk. Or if you’d like an appointment, then come and visit me at one of my clinics in the North West of England, near Liverpool and near Wigan.

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