Fat Reduction

Cost to freeze your fat

How much does it cost to freeze your fat off?

In the past 5 years the popularity of fat freezing has massively increased, and the price has also reduced significantly since this treatment first came out. So how much does it cost to freeze your fat off?

Here’s a guide of what to expect;

How much does it cost?

The price varies greatly, depending on many factors including the machine. Coolsculpting was the first brand to launch fat freeze and is significantly more expensive than many other brands which have followed.

Since the launch of Fat Freezing technology there have been a large number of other brands such as 3D Lipo, Cooltech and Sculpt Pro, among many others whose machines deliver successful treatments.

For a single area treated the price can range from around £150 up to approx £600. But you will probably find prices even higher than this in some areas of London.

I’ve included some example prices at the bottom. I’ve shown a range of prices because different areas of the country will fluctuate. Also machine costs vary quite a lot, and a more expensive machine will mean a more expensive treatment – as the cost will be passed on to you.  This doesn’t necessarily mean however that the results will be any better or worse!

How is fat freeze priced?

The cost is priced per area or per fat freeze head used.

Stomach – For example if you have a stomach freeze – then this is obviously a single area of your body. However you may need 2 fat freeze heads on your stomach. One applicator on the upper tummy and one applicator on the lower tummy. Or one applicator may be enough if it’s just your lower tummy that concerns you.

Inner thighs – will require a head on each thigh – so this is also 2 applicators. Some clinics may call this 1 area and others may call it 2 areas (as 2 heads are being used). This is not to try and trick you, just that it’s not always guaranteed that everyone will want the same treatment. (even on inner thighs – you’ll find some people who only want one side doing!)

The point is that you want to understand how the clinic prices the treatment.

What else do you need to know about the cost to freeze your fat?

The other thing to consider is that you may need more than one session on your area of concern to get the full results you want. It’s common to have 2 – 3  fat freeze sessions on your stomach spaced around 6-10 weeks apart. The reason it won’t all go in one session is because your fat is sucked up into an applicator and around 30% of the fat sucked up will die off. This obviously leaves 70% still there.

If you have a really large bulge of fat, then if you suck it up again then you’ll get rid of more fat. So now you’re sucking up the remaining fat, and will again reduce that bulge by around 30%.

The other thing to consider is that you can have additional treatments such as Shockwave immediately after fat freeze. This will cost more than just the fat freeze itself. Shockwave uses acoustic waves to smash the fat cells down further and make the treatment more effective.

Example Prices – for a single treatment on most fat freeze machines

Stomach Freeze (just upper or lower tummy = 1 suction cup): £150-£250

Stomach Freeze (upper and lower = 2 suction cups): £200-£400

Inner Thighs (both sides = 2 suction cups): £200-£400

Love Handles (both sides = 2 suction cups): £200-£400

Add Shockwave onto any treatment: £30-£80

I hope this has helped you understand the costs of fat freeze and what to consider.

If you have any more questions then feel free to email me at: rach@radiantliving.co.uk. If you’d like to see the prices at my clinic then just click on this link here.