what is Emsculpt treatment

What is Emsculpt treatment and does it work?

The advancement in beauty and aesthetic technology for body shaping in the past few years has been remarkable. One of the most popular questions asked right now is what is Emsculpt treatment, and does it work?


Emsculpt is a brand name for a new type of technology – which uses HIFEM muscle stimulation. What exactly is this? HIFEM stands for High Intensity Focussed Electromagnetic Technology.

It’s a very clever piece of equipment, which mimics exercise so instead of going to the gym, you get attached to the machine and it works out your muscles like never before! This machine is doing the equivalent of 20,000 muscle contractions (such as sit ups) in just half an hour.  

It will improve your body shape, by toning muscles and burning fat, with no pain and no effort. Emsculpt is a brand name, but there are other systems out there which do the same thing, such as Evosculpt and Powersculpt.


Paddle type applicators are used on specific body areas which emit Electromagnetic fields. These magnetic forces trigger the muslces to contract and mimic exercise but in a more intense way than actually working out at the gym. 

The electromagnets cause 100% of the muscle to be worked out (this is called supramaximal muscle contractions). If you are physically doing the exercise yourself eg a sit up, only 30-50% of the muscles is working. One 30 minute session causes the muscles to tighten and relax around 20 thousand times!

Making the muscles work in this way, causes them to form new protein strands and muscle fibres, which means more muscle density. Creating more muscle also has the effect of burning fat cells.

what is Emsculpt treatment


You can imagine that this kind of work out is going to have a positive effect! It can’t replace exercise in making you physically fit.  It’s important to stress that you still need to exercise to improve your cardiovascular fitness. However the answer is YES, this technology is very effective for body shaping.

A course of 4-6 treatments over a period of 2-3 weeks should give you around 16% more muscle density (so more muscle definition) and at the same time a 19% reduction of fat. This is because as the muscles are being forced to contract, they need energy in the form of calories, and so use up the local fat stores in the area.

So that means a more toned, less flabby body!


The applicators can be attached to lots of different body areas. Some machines which have multiple paddles will allow you to have 2 areas treated at once.

Areas include:

  • Upper and Lower stomach
  • Upper arms
  • Bottom
  • Back and Front of Thighs
  • Calf Muscles

Each 30 minute treatment is providing you with a muscle workout equivalent to (or better than) 20,000 squats, sit ups or bicep curls.


Emsculpt, as well as Evosculpt and Powersculpt, which all offer this technology tell you the same thing. This treatment isn’t for everyone. In fact the best candidates are clients who are not overweight but are looking to sculpt areas of their body. Think of it like a perfector treatment.

It’s good for clients who have a small stubborn area – which they’re struggling to tone at the gym. This technology will help them get better definition – some have reported seeing a six pack for the first time in their lives.


  • The results are long term especially if you’re willing to work out and maintain the area with your own exercise regime. However if you do nothing – you will need maintenance treatments – which could be booked anything from once per month to once every 6 months.
  • The treatment isn’t painful although you can definitely feel your muscles ‘working out’.
  • There’s no downtime – but you may feel a little soreness in the area treated. After all your muscles have had the most intense workout they’ve ever had!
  • Anyone who has a pacemaker or metal implants in their body, or patients with a history of muscle issues aren’t able to have this treatment.
  • The price of treatments varies massively. Emsculpt will cost from £500+ per treatment. However brands which have come to the market later such as Evosculpt and Powersculpt will cost between £100-£200 per treatment.


What is Emsculpt treatment and doest it work? I hope you now have the answer – and that you’ve found this article easy to understand and follow.  It doesn’t really matter what the brand is – it’s more about the technology. HIFEM or electromagnetic stimulation is a term that’s going to stick around. It builds muscle, burns fat, and all while you’re lying down! It’s a very tempting treatment for anyone.


If you have any more questions which I’ve not yet answered please feel free to email me here: rach@radiantliving.co.uk. Or you can visit my medispa home page to browse treatments here.