Best Botox Clinic

How do you choose the best Botox clinic?

If you’re new to anti-ageing, you might well be asking how to choose the best Botox clinic for you? Many years ago, injectable treatments were hardly spoken about as no-one dared admit their secret to youth. But now Botox and Fillers are commonplace and more of a daily conversation amongst many.

Although we all probably know someone who’s had an injection or two, you may not yet have plucked up the courage to discuss their choice of clinic.

Obviously you only want to choose a provider who’s qualified and insured. That’s a basic starting point. Anyone who is honest and wants to look after your face will not be offended by being asked about their qualifications or insurance. After that here’s what I’d recommend…

Check out reviews

If you don’t know where to start – then start here. Firstly I’d look at clinics and providers in your area and check out their reviews.  Anyone can post reviews on their own website – so instead look at 3rd party reviews such as google reviews, as these can’t be controlled or edited by the clinic themselves.


I would personally choose a provider or clinic which has at least 12-18 months experience carrying out aesthetic treatments. I know this is just a nominal figure and really that also depends on how many clients are being seen on a daily basis. To get an idea, ask to see before and after photographs of their own work. You’ll soon gauge how experienced they are.

Other anti-ageing treatments

This next point is not so obvious but I definitely think it’s worth considering. Often clients will decide they want Botox or Fillers without really understanding why. They’ve just decided they want to look better.  If you choose a provider who only offers injections and has no experience in other treatments – you’re going to be offered Botox or Fillers as that’s the only choice.

However if you’re choose a clinic which has experience in a wide range of treatments, you can discuss a range of treatment options. You may find you’d be better sorting out your skin texture first, before addressing lines and wrinkles. Or perhaps evening out your skin and clearing veins or pigmentation is a better place to start.

Have a consultation

When considering an injectable treatment never feel obliged to go ahead. Book a consultation and discuss what bothers you and your options.  You should be given a clear explanation of the treatments which will help improve your concern, how much it will cost and what to expect. Go away and think about it. Any reputable clinic will not expect you to jump straight in.

Look at the results

How do you want to look? Some clients are looking for natural results, others may want a ‘frozen’ look. Take a look at the staff in the clinic and also before and after photos, and you’ll build up a picture.

If I went for Botox and the provider or staff looked false and frozen, I’d choose someone else as that look isn’t for me.  If I saw someone who looked good for their age however, I’d be more inclined to choose them.

Botox is a Medicine

Botox is a medicine and needs to be prescribed. Neither an aesthetic practitioner nor a general nurse can prescribe. So you need a consultation with a Doctor or a Nurse Prescriber at the clinic to ‘prescribe’ the Botox first. After that your Aesthetic practitioner or Nurse can administer the treatment.

Both Aesthetic practitioners and Nurses undergo the same training for injectables. Many clients get baffled by this as they believe Nurses are more qualified or able than Aesthetic practitioners. In some cases the opposite is true as many Nurses haven’t had experience in facial aesthetics – they’ve had experience dealing with health issues in whatever field they worked. So I wouldn’t base your decision solely on this. Check all the other points out too.


Ask the clinic or provider what they’d do if you had a problem. Are they able to sort it out. Do they have a review policy where you can go back? Aftercare is hugely important, so make sure they’ll see you after you’ve handed over your money.

Finally here’s a list of some of the best botox clinics I can recommend in the North West if you want alternative options to us, or you live further afield. In no particular order;

  • Elite Aesthetics in Warrington
  • Shelley Frost in Wigan
  • Emma Chan in Chorley
  • The Aesthetics Hub in Crosby
  • Laura Spence Aesthetics in Chester

Let’s face it, none of us is getting any younger. So even if you don’t need this information yet, you may refer to it in the future!


I hope this has helped your understanding and how to find the best Botox clinic for you. If you need any advice please feel free to email me at: rach@radiantliving.co.uk or check out more information about Injectables here.