Is freezing fat cells permanent

Is freezing fat cells permanent?

Fat reduction and body shaping treatments are always popular, when not in lockdown that is! When everyone is allowed out again, I suspect that 3D Lipo Fat Freeze will be in high demand.  One of the questions I get asked all the time by clients opting for this treatment is (and it’s a very good question) – is freezing fat cells permanent?

To answer this, I’m going to first explain what happens to your fat cells when you put weight on.  This way you’ll understand better what happens with this treatments and what to expect after it.

How you gain weight.

When you take in more calories than you burn – you gain weight. What happens is that your existing fat cells store more fat and grow bigger.  However once that fat cell gets full, it divides into two.

When both of those two cells become full of fat, they will also divide. It goes on and on and on. So the more your continue to gain weight the more your fat cells will divide and grow.

The problems the is that you have no natural way of getting rid of those extra fat cells. Once fat cells develop in the body, they stay there for the rest of your life.  That’s where fat freeze comes in – this is one of the few treatments which can actually kill off fat cells and reduce the number in your body.

How fat freeze works.

When you have a fat freeze treatment, a pocket of fat, for example on you stomach, gets sucked up into the device head.  The head freezes the area to approx minus 6 degrees C.  At this temperature around 20-40% of the fat cells will die off.  Your fat cells get removed from your body over the next 4-6 weeks.

This means that in that particular area, you will end up with fewer fat cells than you had before. You will be able to see the difference in the mirror, as your stomach will be slimmer than before.

Is freezing fat cells permanent?

The answer is yes – the result is permanent – you will now have less fat cells following a fat freeze treatment. It will also stay that way forever as long as you don’t put weight back on again.

If you continue to consume more calories than you burn though, then your remaining fat cells will fill up again.  Plus if you carry on gaining weight the fat cells will start to divide again.   However if you maintain your weight, then you can’t just acquire new fat cells.  The old ones that have gone won’t just reappear.

So although the results is potentially permanent, it’s really down to you.  The result doesn’t just wear off like Botox. Fat cannot just reappear – it has to grow and multiply.

What if you do put weight on again?

You can now see that you still need to manage your weight if you don’t want to get the fat back.  But if you do end up putting on weight – you can opt to have more fat freeze treatments.  In fact some clients will have 2 treatments, spaced around 6 weeks apart on the same area to get a better result.

So there’s nothing to stop you having further treatments in future.

Final points about Fat Freeze

This treatment really is an excellent option of permanently reducing fat cells.

  • Non-invasive (may get a bruise) – no surgery or incisions.
  • It doesn’t hurt. (it feels a bit cold)
  • Takes around 1 hour.
  • No downtime.
  • It works – but don’t expect the results of liposuction in one go!
  • Permanently kills off fat cells
  • The only way your fat cells will multiply again is if you put too much weight on.

I hope this has helped you understand the way we gain and lose weight, and has answered your question – is freezing fat cells permanent.  

Any more questions feel free to email me: or visit the Fat Freeze page here for prices and more information.


Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash