HD Brows vs Henna Brows

HD Brows vs Henna Brows

It’s surprising what a difference your eyebrows make! They completely shape your face, and getting them professionally waxed, plucked, tinted and so on can make a big impact.

But what’s the difference between these popular eyebrow treatments and which one is right for you? HD Brows vs Henna Brows vs Brow Shape and Tint? Our Brow specialist Laura has written this short guide to explain the difference.


HD Brows vs Henna

HD brows is a 7 stage treatment which starts off by mapping your brows – to create the perfect shape for you, and show you where the hair should or shouldn’t be. We take into consideration hair growth, complexion, hair colour to make sure we get the right style for you.

Included in HD brows is a consultation, mapping, tinting, waxing, plucking trimming, threading and we finish with a brow powder where needed or depending on how defined you like your brows.  At the end we show you how to do this yourself too so you can maintain them at home.

We can definitely make sparse eyebrows look fuller and thin eyebrows look thicker with HD Brows.  Plus don’t worry if your eyebrows aren’t totally symmetrical, most aren’t. As I always say your eyebrows are sisters not twins!

When you initially come for HD Brows it’s best to have left your eyebrows to grow for around 4-6 weeks. This gives us the chance to see where your hair is/isn’t growing so we can come up with a plan.  That way you’ll get the best results.


HD Brows vs Henna

Henna is also a brow defining procedure. Instead of using tint however it uses Henna dye. Henna is made from 100% plant ingredients with no peroxide and no preservatives. This natural dye is made from a plant known as hina or the henna tree, and is a good choice for anyone who wants natural ingredients.

Henna Brows is a really good for staining the skin underneath the hairs, as well as the hairs themselves. This makes it good for clients who are growing their brows, especially if they’re a bit sparse in areas or they’ve been over plucked. Henna is also said to encourage new hair growth.

We can also map your brows using Henna, and will wax, pluck and trim them too.  This will give you a precise, defined and sharp finish.

It usually lasts 2-4 weeks depending on your skin, if your skin is a bit drier then it will tend to hold it better than someone who has an oilier skin type. It definitely lasts longer than normal tint though. There are different henna colours so we create a tailor made mix for every client.


HD Brows vs Henna Brows

Having a simple eyebrow shape and tint can make such a difference. We tint and wax/thread your brows to suit you and your desired look. If you’ve never had your eyebrows done before then this is a good place to start.

It can make the brows look thicker and fuller by adding colour as it picks up all the small light hairs around the brow. If you’re fair and don’t want to have big thick dark brows, do not worry! Tint can be applied subtly to just give a hint of colour.  Then we finish them by waxing or threading which gives them a sharper, clean finish.

You can also start off with just a single process – like a brow shape using wax or thread.  Or if your eyebrows don’t grow wild, and you just want more colour, or to colour grey hair, then just go for a brow tint.

Threading is an alternative to waxing. It is a client’s personal preference. Threading is good if you have sensitive skin. It is just a soft cotton so we aren’t using any products on the skin to remove the hair.


HD Brows vs Henna Brows .. or just a brow tint or shape?  Whichever one you go for, its better not to try to do your brows at home inbetween. You can come as often or as little as you like, although most clients will come every 3-6 weeks. It just depends on how fast they grow and how the colour holds for you.

It’s hard to not over pluck when you start and taking even one hair from the wrong place can really damage the shape. So it’s best to come sooner for your appointment if you feel like your going to get the tweezers on them!

I hope this has helped

Laura x

PS. If you’re in our area and still don’t know what to book – then why not come and see me!  Click here to see more about Henna Brow and prices, and click here for HD Brows.