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Cost of Laser Hair Removal

How to save £10,000 plus on your hair removal treatments

Ok so that’s a very bold statement, but I can tell you that a saving of £10,000 on hair removal is easily possible.  So let’s say you spend just £28 per month getting your bikini waxed or even your legs.  Do you know how much that actually comes to over the years you could be waxing?

It turns out you will spend more than £10,000 if you wax over your adult lifetime (so 30 years), and in reality it could be longer.

Now let’s say you spend on average £40 per month on waxing (perhaps you have 2 or 3 areas waxed).  Well take a deep breath, because you will spend more than £14,000 waxing in this case.

WOW – that’s a lot of money on waxing.  So how on Earth can you possibly save £10,000 I hear you ask?

The answer is very simple – Laser Hair Removal.

Most people have the misconception that Laser is expensive and they can’t afford it.  However women up and down the land (and men too!) are prepared to spend thousands and thousands of pounds on waxing.  If you opt for a good Laser treatment, then 6 -8 sessions would usually reduce your hair by 80-95%

So let’s do a little Maths and work out if you really can save a small fortune.  I think you’ll quickly see the answer, and you really don’t need to be good at Maths!

Get Laser on that bikini instead of waxing, and spend approx £300-£400 on 6 sessions of Laser Hair Removal.  Let’s say you’re one of those stubborn people, need a couple more, so we’ll budget for an extra £100.   You would still be saving £9,500!  And if you use the £40 waxing example – you’d be saving more than £13,000 – it’s mind boggling.

That’s not to mention the time saving.  Who has spare time these days?  So let me shock you some more.

If you spend 1 hour per month getting waxed – time to get to the salon, get the job done and then get home – you will use up 10,800 minutes or 180 hours of your precious time.  Compare that with 6-10 hours for your laser treatments… and hey presto you’ve just saved 170 hours of time.  Time you can spend relaxing, working, taking the dog for a walk, doing the kids homework, watching Netflix, catching up with the girls.

Let’s not forget that you’ll have smoother skin, less ingrowing hair, and no shadows.  You also won’t need to hide those body bits away like you do before waxing (no need to grow your hair before laser, as you shave it off first.)

Bet you’ve never thought of Laser hair removal as a money saving, time saving option before have you?

You can thank me later… and if you really do want to save yourself all that time and money, then just contact me or my team for a free laser hair removal consultation.  Just click here to get in touch!

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Rachael x