look younger at 50

Best treatments to look younger at 50

So you’re turning 50? Perhaps as this milestone approaches you’re looking in the mirror thinking about how to make some improvements? If you’re new to skin care and beauty, you’ll be asking what are the best treatments to look younger at 50!  I’ve been ‘anti-ageing’ faces for 17 years now… and I’m going to take you through your options and what I recommend.

Treatment for Blemishes & Veins

It’s likely your skin is starting to show signs of discolouration. Brown age spots, sun spots and broken thread veins, are a tell tale sign of ageing. If you opt for a good IPL or Laser treatment to target these blemishes, then you can really clear your skin. Even coloured skin, with few blemishes is one of the signs of youth. I’d highly recommend you address the blemishes first, as it will take years off you.

Just 2-3 sessions can make a huge difference, and there’s little discomfort with laser treatments. Plus the downtime is also very minimal depending on what you have done.

Treatment for Deep Lines

The frown lines on your forehead and crows feet will probably be getting deeper set by 50. If you’ve never considered Botox before then you might want to consider it now. This extremely popular treatment has been tried and tested in the upper face, and can be carried out in a very subtle way. By relaxing the muscles which cause you to frown, it allows your skin to repair and the deep lines to lessen.

Treatment for Jowls

At the age of 50 it’s likely your facial contours won’t be as tight as they once were. One way to look younger at 50 is to opt for something to lift the lower face and jawline.

There are several techniques and treatments for this;

  • HIFU lower face lift – using ultrasound technology to zap a deep layer under the skin called the SMAS layer. This causes it to shrink and tighten and lift the skin.
  • Lower face rejuvenation using filler – this involves injections of filler into the cheeks to replace the volume lost here. This can help lift the face, and restore the plumpness in the cheeks. You could also have filler injections into the jawline to make it more defined. Overall filler injections can be carried out very subtly so no-one would know you’ve had anything done.
  • Radiofrequency Microneedling – this uses a combination of needles and heat, to tighten and smooth the skin. This technology has become very popular recently with the brand Morpheus8 – but there are many brands which offer the same thing such as DuaLift or Focus Dual.
Treatment for your Neck

The neck is one of the areas which often gets the least attention until it really starts to age. Fear not though, there are plenty of options for the neck too…

  • Skin boosters – such as Profhilo or Jalupro. These products are injected very superficially just under the skin to hydrate and boost the skin from the inside out. They can really make the skin smoother and firmer. However it depends on your starting point!
  • Plasma neck lift – this is a more invasive procedure which can make a dramatic improvement to the neck. It involves the use of Plasma Pen which is directed at particles of skin to shrink and tighten it. For example an experienced practitioner can tighten the neck at the front by carrying out plasma at the back of the neck. I have seen excellent results from this treatment.
  • Radiofrequency Microneedling – this is carried out the same as on the face (see above) and can have a real improvement on the neck. Expect to have approximately 3 sessions spaced 6 weeks apart.
What to focus on first?

If you don’t know where to start, I always tell my clients to focus on what bothers them the most. If you improve that first then you’ll be on your way to look younger at 50!

Hope this has helped. If you want any advice please feel free to email me here: rach@radiantliving.co.uk