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Hollywood Laser on your period

Can you get Hollywood Laser on your period?

Can you get Hollywood laser on your period? If you’ve just started laser hair removal on your bikini area then this is probably on your mind. The simple answer is yes… but read on for a bit more info.

Hollywood Laser on your period?

If your laser hair removal treatment is due and it’s the time of the month, then you can still attend if you’re able to use a tampon. This is because you’ll completely remove your underwear to have laser.

This is the case if you’ve opted for Hollywood Laser hair removal (all hair removed) or Brazilian laser hair removal (just a strip of hair left).

You’ll need to wear a tampon or a menstrual cup for hygiene purposes and to make sure that your laser therapist can still cover every area of your bikini thoroughly.

If you’re not able to use a tampon then you need to reschedule your appointment until afterwards. It won’t affect your results if you book 1-2 weeks later.

What about being embarrassed?

There’s really no need to be embarrassed – because we aren’t. Just about every other person on the planet has a period at some time, and we’ve carried out laser on most of them (just kidding, but really we’ve done a lot of bikini layering over 16 years!).

But either way it’s up to you – if you prefer to go ahead and get your Hollywood laser on your period then it’s all good with us. If you’d rather postpone it for a week then that’s no problem either.

Obviously we won’t be carrying out every bikini laser treatment in the UK, but I’d say most experienced laser practitioners will have the same opinion. If you’re not sure – then just ask them.

What about standard bikini laser on your period?

If you’re getting standard bikini laser (just sides) or extended bikini (high sides and top) then there’s no issue. You can get the treatment while on your period. You don’t have to wear a tampon, as the laser can be carried out while you keep your underwear on.

Will laser hurt more on my period?

Some clients report that laser hair removal hurts more just before their period. However the type of laser can have a big impact on sensation, as you can now opt for less painful lasers. (Such as Soprano Ice, Evolution Ice and other Diode lasers.)

We sometimes find that skin is more sensitive in the time around your period. The side-effects of laser, such as redness and follicle swelling can last just a little longer, but not always.

I hope this has helped answer your questions, and if you have any more then feel free to email me at: rach@radiantliving.co.uk.


Rachael owns a chain of laser and beauty clinics in North West England and is also a laser hair removal trainer.

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