tighten eyelids without surgery

How can you tighten eyelids without surgery?

As we get older, it’s often your eyes which start to show it first.  Drooping eyelids, eyebags and dark circles are all areas of concern.  As non-surgical treatments advance, one of the questions I get asked most is can you tighten eyelids without surgery?  Here’s my short guide to tell you what you need to know.

Can you tighten eyelids without surgery?

The short answer is Yes! This is one of the major advances in non surgical treatments in the past few years.

Plasma technology is the treatment which can do this, and it’s become a popular alternative to eyelid surgery. It’s obvious to see why – no need for general anaesthetic, no risk to your vision, less risk of scarring, less recovery time, and also more affordable.  Plasma eyelid lift – is also referred to as a non-surgical Blepheroplasty, so how does it work?

How does Plasma treatment work?

It involves using a Pen like device which emits Plasma energy.  This ‘energy’ is a type of gas which comes out of the tip of the pen in an invisible electrical arc. When this energy hits the skin, in very small dots, it makes these tiny particles of skin puff in smoke.  Basically it vaporises the skin… and turns it from a solid, straight into gas. This process makes the skin shrink and tighten.

tighten eyelids without surgery

The treatment

Before the treatment starts, your aesthetician will apply anaesthetic cream on both eyelids to numb the skin.  Then once that’s taken effect, the Plasma pen is used to create small dots across the whole surface leaving little gaps in between.  This ensures that the skin can contract and helps the tiny wounds to heal.

The skin will immediately start to tighten. It will also start to swell.. in fact expect a lot of swelling the next day. Plus you will have black carbon dots on the skin, which last around 5-8 days. The swelling usually goes down after 2-3 days.  So this treatment is not to be taken lightly.

How good is the result?

Most of the time a non-surgical eyelid lift using Plasma requires 3 sessions. Some clients will be happy after 1-2, but most of the time I recommend 3 treatments.  Each treatment will result in some shrinking and tightening of the eyelid.

The eyelid is such a delicate area, and you don’t want to overdo it. It’s better to achieve a slight to moderate improvement each time, which adds up to a really good improvement over 3 sessions. You can go from having overhanging, drooping skin, to eyelids which really are 10 years younger and tighter.

Plasma treatment is often referred to as ‘soft surgery’ because the results are so good. Plus, although it’s not surgery there is still some downtime – it’s definitely more invasive than other non surgical anti-ageing treatments. It’s also not painless!

How long does the result last?

Once you’ve had a Plasma Eyelid Lift, the results are semi-permanent. That means the improvement will last for years – since the skin which has been vaporised, and puffed up in smoke, won’t just re-appear!

Similar to after surgery, your treatment results won’t just reverse.  However you will continue to age like before.  So in years to come you if want to have the treatment again, you can!  It’s unlikely you’ll need it for at least 3-5 years.

For prices you can visit the Plasma Revive page here.


If you have more questions about non surgical treatments such as Plasma, please feel free to email me at: rach@radiantliving.co.uk.