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How are ‘Great Lengths’ hair extensions attached?

Hair Extensions are so popular now and there are so many different types to choose from.  Here at Radiant Living we have opted for a brand called Great Lengths. How are Great Lengths hair extensions attached?  And why pick these over other types?

Our Hair Manager Rachael is a Great Lengths extensions expert and has written this guide to tell you everything you need to know.

How are Great Lengths Hair Extensions attached?

Great Lengths extensions come in two application methods.

1. Individual Bonds are the most popular method.

how great lengths are attached

The Great Lengths hair are held into place with keratin bonds. A small section is taken off the strip and attached into your hair. This gets fixed into place on several strands of your hair using heat from the tip of the Great Lengths machine.

The tiny attachment allows brushing, and more importantly – it does not harm your natural hair.

how Great lengths are attached

This type of hair extension is available in a wide variety of lengths and colours and lasts 4- 6 months. Overall, they’re perfect for adding length, volume or introducing colour.

No maintenance is required with this method, apart from regular brushing. You can get a ‘Great Lengths’ brush from your extensions stylist.

The application of the extensions takes around 3-4 hours including cutting and styling the hair.

2. Great lengths Tapes are a more temporary tape-in application.

Great Lengths Tape Extensions

Your hair is sectioned and a tape is applied above and below the roots. These need re-applying every 6-8 weeks.

how great lengths are attached

They are perfect for adding volume, length or introducing colour to your hair. Plus they’re the exact same great quality as the bonded hair. Also available in a wide range of colours, and 4 different lengths.

The application for a full head of tapes is around 1-2 hours including cutting and styling. If they’re well looked after they can be re-taped and used again – up to 3 times.

How do you look after them?

  • Once you’re all set with your hair extensions it’s important you do not shampoo your hair for at least 48 hours. This allows the bonds to set.
  • When styling you may blow-dry as usual, making sure the bonds in particular are completely dry.
  • Use a specialist brush such as a paddle brush as these are are kind to bonded hair extensions.
  • Run your fingers daily through the bonds.  This stops your hair getting matted together.
  • Use the products that your stylist recommends to keep the hair in perfect condition.
  • If using heated appliances, leave a 2 to 3 inch gap after the bonds to prevent any damage.

How do they get matched?

We tailor the hair extensions to your own hair. Whether you’re red, brunette or blonde, we can get a perfect match. Plus we can even make a style statement with on trend ombré.

When it comes to choosing your colour, we’ll select the perfect colour to match. Each colour is expertly blended to give a natural look, blending well with your natural hair colour. In fact no-one would ever guess it wasn’t your own natural hair!

The huge Great Lengths colour range offers something for everyone. Plus the extension colouring process ensures the condition of the hair remains of the finest quality.

Why choose them?

Great Lengths is one of the leading brands worldwide for hair extensions.

When you choose Great Lengths you’re choosing the best quality you can find.  It’s 100% human hair that has been ethically sourced. The hair undergoes a special procedure to align the direction of the cuticles and safeguard the hair from damage.

The term “single drawn” refers to hair coming straight from India, from a single donor, in bundles composed of hair of varying length. Before it enters the production cycle, Great Lengths hair must become Double Drawn, which means that it has to be divided and matched according to the different lengths.

Established over 25 years ago, Great Lengths is now used in over 60 countries across the world.

I hope this guide has helped

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Your Great Lengths expert,

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