Intimate Bikini Waxing

Intimate Bikini Waxing

With a choice of hot peel-off wax or premium lavender wax with strips, you can be assured of a completely professional service and superior results. For Brazilian and Hollywood waxing we will use premium hot wax, which grips hair as short as just a few millimetres and is more comfortable in this delicate area.  Even if you’re new to waxing we will guide you through, so don’t be shy, you won’t regret it.

Bikini Strip Waxing

Standard Bikini £16
Extended Bikini £19
Half Leg & Bikini £28
Full Leg & Bikini £38

Bikini Hot Waxing

Extended Bikini £19
‘Thong’ (Extended & Perianal) £24
Brazilian (Landing Strip left) £32
Brazilian Maintenance (within 6 weeks) £29
Hollywood (All hair removed) £35
Hollywood Maintenance (within 6 weeks) £29

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