HIFU Fat Removal

HIFU Fat Removal

Are you fed up with a pocket of fat on your stomach?  Or perhaps you hate the look of your thighs sticking out in your jeans?  Plus no matter how much weight you lose, it’s always the last area to go!

HIFU fat removal is the perfect treatment to target very specific pockets of fat.  HIFU uses focussed ultrasound which penetrates to the fat cells and instantly kills it, with a very intense wave.  This procedure is completely painless.  The best thing, is you will see results within 4-8 weeks.

Depending on how much fat there is we can also perform the treatment at 2 levels of depth, to kill off two layers of fat cells instead of one.

  • Painless treatment
  • Great alternative to surgery
  • Kills off fat cells (doesn’t just shrink them)
  • Perfect for pockets of fat
  • Free consultations with honest advice

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1 Area (palm of hand) Price: £500
1 Area – double depth £650
2 Areas – single depth £650
3 Areas – single depth £990
3D Lipo HIFU Fat Removal

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